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Ready for an outdoor journey?

Looking for an exciting adventure with your family and friends? Explore Ariel’s underwater world in a magical scavenger hunt by Seattle's troubled waters! Don't miss your chance to Dress up and join us on Saturday, July the 8th, 2023, as the streets of Seattle, WA will be transforming into a unique outdoor scavenger hunt.

  •  - The Little Mermaid Experience in Seattle
  •  - The Little Mermaid Experience in Seattle
  •  - The Little Mermaid Experience in Seattle

Uncover the character that best mirrors your personality from the movie and unlock a delightful surprise


The Little Mermaid Experience

Join a thrilling scavenger hunt where Seattle becomes your playground to uncover hidden treasures scattered throughout the city, left by King Triton himself. Solve clues and unravel secrets as you journey through the streets, parks and historic landmarks. Each discovery will leave you feeling more excited as you compete with your friends and family to be the first to uncover all the hidden treasures.

Get ready for an immersive outdoor experience that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. ONE PRICE for your whole team. Remember KIDS PLAY FOR FREE.

The Little Mermaid Experience - The Little Mermaid Experience in Seattle


Follow the instructions both in Facebook and Instagram and win tickets for you and your friends.

More info in our T&C's.

More than 5k Reviews

  • Sarah A.

    Kids loved it, great day out.

  • Michael J.

    Went with family and really enjoyed ourselves. Great to do an activity outside but that also has an immersive element.

  • Ava T.

    Very interesting way of getting people to connect with their surroundings. Was sceptical about theme but actually it worked pretty well.

  • Benjamin G.

    I’m always looking for new things to do with my kids, and this was really cool. Great to see them running around and getting involved with the competition. Really fun bumping into other teams as well. Never seen so many mermaids on land!

  • Olivia L.

    Good fun!

  • Ethan M.

    I’d only done immersive experiences indoors, and was great to be able to do it outside across lots of different locations. Highly recommend.

  • Sophia A.

    Great game, good riddles. Had us thinking.

Practical Info

  1. Escape reality, find clues, and solve the mystery!
  2. Put your acting skills and find the answers.
  3. Each Group Bundle let’s you play up to 6 team players.
  4. Kids play for FREE
  5. Dress to impress, prizes will be given to "Best Costume"
  6. Be the first to find the treasure
  7. Start your game anytime between 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  8. Explore different location throughtout the city.
The Little Mermaid Experience in Seattle

Win Big With Style

Here are some affordable ideas to dress up as characters from "The Little Mermaid":


    • Start with a green or teal-colored dress or skirt.
    • If you have long red hair, style it into loose waves. If not, you can wear a red wig.
    • Find a seashell-shaped bra or cut out seashell shapes from cardboard, paint them, and attach them to a bikini top.
    • Optional: Carry a small dinglehopper (fork) as a prop.

    Prince Eric

    • Wear a white collared shirt and a pair of beige or khaki pants.
    • Add a red sash or belt around your waist.
    • Style your hair neatly or wear a wig with dark, swept-back hair.
    • Carry a toy sword as a prop.


    • Wear a black dress or black top with a black skirt.
    • Use purple or black fabric to create a tentacle-like skirt attachment or wear a black tutu.
    • Find or make a black headpiece with tall tentacles or attach black ribbons to a headband.
    • Apply purple or black makeup to your face, emphasizing your eyebrows and lips.
    • Optional: Wear purple gloves and carry a trident or a shell necklace as accessories.


    • Wear a bright yellow or orange shirt.
    • Create fish scales by cutting out scales from colored paper or fabric and attaching them to the shirt.
    • Wear blue pants or shorts to represent the water.
    • Use face paint or makeup to draw fish-like features on your face.
    • Optional: Create a small fish fin or tail to attach to your back


    • Wear a red long-sleeved shirt or a red jacket.
    • Create crab claws by attaching red or orange mittens or gloves to the sleeves.
    • Wear black pants or leggings.
    • Paint your face red or use red face paint to create crab-like features.
    • Optional: Carry a small prop such as a miniature trident or a conductor's baton.




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